My first ever blog post... And how it all started?


I guess most everyone has a blog these days... and I had been toying with the idea of writing my own for the longest time always admiring those that had the wherewithal to start theirs making it all look so easy.  But why now?  I wish I could say it was my milestone birthday or averting a health crisis... But it's more simple than that and much more inspiring. ;-) For years now, I have been helping friends in and around Fairfield County with their interior and exterior designs all while working my corporate marketing day job.  Casually stopping by to weigh in on their current designs at home and popping new ideas into their heads.  I can't help but walk into a room and start transforming the space in my head by injecting accents of color and personality into otherwise neutral (and boring) rooms.  I've never been afraid of hot pink walls nor am I afraid of mixing barn wood with white lacquer accents all in one space.  Call me crazy but I think the mongolian lambswool chrome bench looks FAB at the end of the oversized king bed and reclaimed wood headboard...!  #mixitup (mental note: i have an obsession with hashtags)

But what about the home's exterior personality?  I've always been asked who does my window boxes planters and landscape design.   Yes for most who hire expensive landscapers or who are into the craft, it all comes easy.  But what about us busy moms and dads that don't want to spend a fortune on landscape designers but don't have a green thumb?

Well here is where it all came together....

As I went to purchase my latest vintage find (blog pic)... I asked one of the uber friendly workers about the story behind the piece.  Turns out this wonderful mirror was once a chicken brooder.  What is a chicken brooder you may wonder? At a point in time the rim of this mirror housed a warming light to keep baby chicks warm while they were slowly welcomed into this crazy world.  As a mom, this not only spoke to me but it also made me realize that every unique piece has a STORY or at the very least SHOULD have a story.  It struck me that I want to not just design jaw dropping pieces for my client's homes but design their STORY.  My goal?  Have their story be told starting on the outside of their home or boutique. 

So here we are... my first ever GLDesign blog post (logo still in the works).  I'll be posting my stories, designs and inspirational finds and I hope you can follow me on my journey as I PROMISE you this blog won't be like any other!  #cantstopwontstopdontstop

May 6, 2015 #where it all begins