Spring Has Sprung!

Shelala Boutique, New Canaan/Westport

It's official... Spring has sprung in Connecticut and the coastline is filled with inspiring colors! My schedule is filling up and between the kid's sport tournaments, a full time job and trying to be a better wife to my dearly supportive husband I am beyond thrilled to have kicked off my #playinginthedirt season at my favorite store Shelala!  In all seriousness, the world could collapse around me but so long as I'm playing in the dirt, I feel like I can conquer anything that comes at me and this week was no exception!  #bringit

Although I've mostly kept my focus on residential homes, this year I was honored with the privilege  to work on my dearest friend's gift boutiques in New Canaan and Westport.  These two storefronts  proved to be challenging as they both have very different irrigation requirements which made for an adventurous #thinkoutsidethebox (no pun intended) plant hunt!

The Westport store's container is in full shade all the time (and we all know shade plants are "meh")... and well the New Canaan store is full sun in a smaller container which means it requires proper drainage plants otherwise the staff would be spending too much time watering and not enough time selling the FAB items Shelala sells inside the store (did I also mention monogramming?)!  ;-)

As I set off on my hunt, I was determined to design a unique shade arrangement that could remain full yet not grow too tall so as to not get in the way of the storefront.  I found myself creating terrarium type designs for the shade box by incorporating beach ferns and other fresh dew plants along with a pop of blush pink double impatiens while adding in a touch of curly willow.  When completed, I realized that all that was now missing was a misting machine overhead and a margarita in one hand to complete the picture! Can't wait to see this box grow into itself to add even more curb appeal to the already fabulous Westport Shelala boutique.

As my adventure continued to New Canaan, I fell in love with a few succulents that my nine year old thinks is the most funny word in the history of words.  My favorite being the cobweb kind which feels and looks like it should be treated like a household pet!  After a quick drive down the Merritt Parkway, I found myself planting succulents like it was going out of style and talking to them as I went about my business (note: I was double parked and talking to plants so I think the NC police didn't bother dealing with this crazy lady).  The beauty of these plants is that they don't require much irrigation, love the heat and sun and are low maintenance.  Well it goes without saying that it is rare to find something so beautiful yet so low maintenance and so #gldesign had to snatch it up!

I was so proud to be a part of this fun project in two so different yet so close in proximity Connecticut towns.  Even more proud to call the Shelala owners my dear friends.... Thank you Sheila and Dave (and Piper!) for the privilege and the experience!

Check out @shopshelala or 123 Main Street, New Canaan / 281 Post Road East, Westport

#gldesign06880 - May 13, 2015