You Only Live Once! #passionandgratitude

I recently received a very touching quote from a #strongwoman I truly admire... "When women support other women, Incredible things happen!"  #sodarntrue I woke up this morning with an overwhelming sense of gratitude.  The fact that so many of my friends have reached out to me and trusted me with beautifying their gorgeous homes is overwhelming.  Also thanks to my friends, GLDesign is growing and I've met amazing new clients that each have incredible stories that feed my creative roots!

There are many key drivers in my life and I have at times been labeled an #overachiever but it is this drive that fuels my passion for being a mom, sister, wife, daughter, marketer and designer.  I truly try and enjoy life to its fullest through all its ups and downs and remain as positive as humanly possible and hope to infuse this attitude through my designs.  #letthecurveballscome

It is thanks to my passion that I can swim in a sea of gratitude surrounding myself with #strongwomen.  Ok ok the boys count too.  ;-)

When I started this blog, its intent was to focus on Design.  But what is design without passion, originality and breaking through boundaries?  What is navy without an accent of orange or hot pink?  Only by getting out of my comfort zone can I keep my passion honest and push my design sense beyond its limits. With this in mind, since my last post, I've tried my hand at Paddlefit @wassupdownunder with a @fitct411 team of #strongwomen (and stayed on my board!).


For my 40th birthday, my family presented me with my first ever paddleboard and I've been hooked ever since.  Of course it helps that this fitness element involves being on the water, peace of mind and body and my beautiful board.  It's also no coincidence that Yolo's tagline is YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE... is it? #thisis40 #everythinghappensforareason

Equally as hard, I helped my family get through the stomach flu (holymoly) and launched a new branded website at my full time job!  It is this balancing act that keep me wanting more hence why #playinginthedirt is literally my playtime.  With each client there are new discoveries... new elements to be passionate about.   Each step I take out of my comfort zone makes each new design job a thrilling experience! Here are just some sneak peaks into why I do what I do!  #cantstopwontstopdontstop

Pink pop #vintagecolorburst (Westport CT)

Succulents by the pool... #joyfulbliss (Westport CT)

Bronze grass haven #antiquecharm (Westport CT)

Feeling grateful / stay posted! - May 28, 2015