It's 5am on a weekday and I am as happy as a clam.  After a long weekend pausing and reflecting in the beautiful state of Maine, I pinch myself as I look back on the day I took a risk and decided to invest full time into GLDesign.  With my residential client list growing and now expanding from exterior arrangements to interior design and my commercial impact being felt around Westport, it goes without saying that if DO WHAT YOU LOVE and LOVE WHAT YOU DO then those around you will also LOVE YOU AND WHAT YOU DO.  

I recently joined forces with a local builder and am excited to embark on this extra design journey.  The energy is palpable and the design knowledge I am gaining is priceless.  Although it's a part time gig and I spend all my "free time" growing GLDesign, I am honored to have this opportunity to grow beyond my imagination.  

As I plan out my next few weeks and start the search for the best white birch logs for my client's arrangements, etc. you may see me smiling around town for no apparent reason other than being thankful for the opportunity to live my dream - thankful for the support - thankful for #playinginthedirt - and thankful for calling design a full time "job."

And yea ok….  you KNOW you want to look good for the holidays so look me up and let's get the party started on your home's seasonal curb appeal and interior redesigns!  #favoritetimeofyear