What's NEXT about the #nextchapter

It's been too long since I blogged and I must say I MISSED this safe fun blog site where I can share the joy that has overwhelmed my life these past few months.  Where to start… I guess it makes sense for me to start where it all began…. right HERE blogging with you!

Firstly I proudly said goodbye to "corporate life" in June and haven't looked back since.  I've been busy launching my brand GLDesign and as you can see am now "officially official" with my fun new website, logo and tag line!!  There is no better way to sum up what my journey is all about than my carefully selected tagline Live Beautifully. And I can say with confidence that my husband definitely loves me because he was tag lined out by the time I ran about a trillion other ones by him all hours of day and night!  SO excited to have been helped by my friends, family and awesome graphic designer Alli Q Design throughout this journey and to confidently take three steps forward each and every day.  A plethora of reasons drove me to take this giant leap… maybe it was turning 40 soon after a health crisis or deciding that 20+ years behind a desk was enough or maybe it was simply deciding to never quit my day dream.  But here I am and busy and happiest as ever and as my little brand grows taking root throughout Fairfield County I touch, smell and see with more clarity and positivity. 

The #nextchapter is about doing what I love and surrounding myself with those that want to be passion engineers with me on this journey.  I am inspired daily by entrepreneurs old, young big and small dabbling in all sorts of business trades.  Could I maybe call myself one too now?  Not sure yet, let's see what happens… but all I know for certain is that I am GLDesign and have no limits.

Check out some of my latest endeavors… and so much more to come at www.gldesign06880.com.  Oh and THANK YOU FROM THE BOTTOM OF MY #GREENTHUMB HEART!!!!!!