Playroom Whimsy #orangeandnavy

Yes that's me pretending to not be forty but four years old in my favorite room at my client's house.  #lifeistooshort

I recently was contacted by a friend to help her #organize and #redesign her attic playroom.  She has two girls and one little boy… all more darling than the next.  WHAT AN OPPORTUNITY!  One of my FAVORITE things to do is to dig deep into a child's world and think like them for what felt like two minutes but was approximately a two month long job (thanks to school vacations in between).

So… you can only guess which colors my clients and I agreed upon.  #ORANGE&NAVY!!  Cannot go wrong with my navy and tangerine friends…. cannot.  Next thing you know I was making three trips to #IKEA and sending late night emails with links to all sorts of whimsical places to order from to see how crazy I could get in this unbelievably magical space.  

The challenge with all attics are these "nooks."  One nook, fine.  Two nooks, ok.  Four nooks?  Well how much space does one need to read or hang out.  Turns out that this particular space also had a massive window seat… sorry but that's where mom or dad go when they need a #nap.  At least that's the way I envisioned it.  ;-)

Although her three adorable munchkins are still young, my clients wanted the space to grow with them… do I dare utter the word "teenagers?"  YES!  So now we're talking function and ALSO chill space.

First, the main hub… which we nicknamed #CHILLAX.  Marching orders: a modular couch for video gaming, movies and late night chats.  Striking rug and media storage, check! (tv to be mounted in future)


Let's dress up that wall with some fun industrial letters please!


Which leads me to the PAINTED domed ceiling… a must have reading nook.


I used shelving as room dividers which warmed up the space immediately as well as a fab shag rug and Serena & Lily poufs.


And we all know that while siblings do love each other unconditionally sometimes rivalry ensues… so why not create girl and boy nooks to keep the peace!


Let's get those doll houses down to eye level and make the space multi-functional for arts & crafts, shopkins, car racing, coloring or whatever your imagination wants!  



And make room for the ever loved train table surrounded by his favorite books.

Aren't these the best floating shelves?  Thank you IKEA!

And last but not least… the 4 inch thick washable navy fabric cushion with contrast white piping for those "I may just fall asleep here" moments.



Clearly not sure where I'd be without Benjamin Moore's Newburyport blue which literally is the perfect navy for any space that needs personality! #accentwallsgalore

I couldn't be happier with how the main attic came out and the kids LOVED the evolution too.  And that makes it all worth it.  But no, we are NOT done!! There's that secret magical "closet" where only girls are allowed (sorry dudes!):

Literally you have to bend over to open a mini door into this "walk in closet" which was a carpet full of dolls and stuffed animals.  Now they are neatly waiting their turn to be played with and the time for dress up is WHENEVER!  

So to my dear client and friend… the pleasure was all mine because living this project was like reliving my childhood but being able to dress it up with my favorite colors without having my mom tell me to stop coloring on the walls!  YIPPEE!!  

Onto the next….because #designneversleeps.