You Only Live Once! #passionandgratitude

I recently received a very touching quote from a #strongwoman I truly admire... "When women support other women, Incredible things happen!"  #sodarntrue I woke up this morning with an overwhelming sense of gratitude.  The fact that so many of my friends have reached out to me and trusted me with beautifying their gorgeous homes is overwhelming.  Also thanks to my friends, GLDesign is growing and I've met amazing new clients that each have incredible stories that feed my creative roots!

There are many key drivers in my life and I have at times been labeled an #overachiever but it is this drive that fuels my passion for being a mom, sister, wife, daughter, marketer and designer.  I truly try and enjoy life to its fullest through all its ups and downs and remain as positive as humanly possible and hope to infuse this attitude through my designs.  #letthecurveballscome

It is thanks to my passion that I can swim in a sea of gratitude surrounding myself with #strongwomen.  Ok ok the boys count too.  ;-)

When I started this blog, its intent was to focus on Design.  But what is design without passion, originality and breaking through boundaries?  What is navy without an accent of orange or hot pink?  Only by getting out of my comfort zone can I keep my passion honest and push my design sense beyond its limits. With this in mind, since my last post, I've tried my hand at Paddlefit @wassupdownunder with a @fitct411 team of #strongwomen (and stayed on my board!).


For my 40th birthday, my family presented me with my first ever paddleboard and I've been hooked ever since.  Of course it helps that this fitness element involves being on the water, peace of mind and body and my beautiful board.  It's also no coincidence that Yolo's tagline is YOU ONLY LIVE ONCE... is it? #thisis40 #everythinghappensforareason

Equally as hard, I helped my family get through the stomach flu (holymoly) and launched a new branded website at my full time job!  It is this balancing act that keep me wanting more hence why #playinginthedirt is literally my playtime.  With each client there are new discoveries... new elements to be passionate about.   Each step I take out of my comfort zone makes each new design job a thrilling experience! Here are just some sneak peaks into why I do what I do!  #cantstopwontstopdontstop

Pink pop #vintagecolorburst (Westport CT)

Succulents by the pool... #joyfulbliss (Westport CT)

Bronze grass haven #antiquecharm (Westport CT)

Feeling grateful / stay posted! - May 28, 2015

Thx NH for #kickingoffsummer

New Hampshire

Each time I travel I feel more exhilarated than ever by the awe inspiring moments that make up my road trips.  I couldn't wait to start blogging about my weekend away to a magical town called Portsmouth in New Hampshire!  We were invited by close friends to visit their beautiful home a couple of months ago and, as most can relate, "life got in the way" and our trip kept getting postponed.  Although Spring can wreak havoc on family calendars with sports, school activities and other obligations... I took it upon myself to put "life on hold" and drive up with the boys (yes that includes my dear husband) and finally make this long overdue visit happen.  Well goodness me... am I #superpumped we did! (that's me and hubs #superpumped)  ;-) NH Shark

Although I pride myself on having traveled most of the United States, I hadn't ever visited New Hampshire and was encouraged that our road trip only took 3 hours to this quaint yet bustling town called Portsmouth.  Blooming season was about two weeks behind Westport and the abundance of colorful fruit trees made our journey even more jaw dropping.  Even this little #portsmouthpeony was excited to come #playinthedirt!

NH Peony

Each coastal town brings its own set of unique treasures and Portsmouth is no exception.  Some of these lobster traps got me thinking how I could use them as fun planters for some shoreline clients (no I didn't steal any after all)!

NH Lobster

The fact that Portsmouth is on the ocean (and yes of course I took the driftwood finds on the beach) and that one can hear crashing waves at all times of day (oh did I mention the deep breaths of ocean air to cleanse my soul?) made this road trip #justwhatthedoctorordered.  But bottom line is the good company and laughs we had with these friends of ours that left Fairfield County not too long ago made our first road trip of Summer THE most memorable and heart warming.  Can't wait for school to let out and strap on that paddleboard and go surfing with the boys #portsmouthnewhampshire!

In conclusion, although my husband is slightly concerned about the fact that I've now booked a ton of weekend road trips to other towns I #mustsee,  it's memories that create inspiring lives and a getaway isn't a getaway without leaving and being more driven than ever to share these new design aesthetics with clients up and down the coast!

#newhampshireforever - May 19, 2015

Spring Has Sprung!

Shelala Boutique, New Canaan/Westport

It's official... Spring has sprung in Connecticut and the coastline is filled with inspiring colors! My schedule is filling up and between the kid's sport tournaments, a full time job and trying to be a better wife to my dearly supportive husband I am beyond thrilled to have kicked off my #playinginthedirt season at my favorite store Shelala!  In all seriousness, the world could collapse around me but so long as I'm playing in the dirt, I feel like I can conquer anything that comes at me and this week was no exception!  #bringit

Although I've mostly kept my focus on residential homes, this year I was honored with the privilege  to work on my dearest friend's gift boutiques in New Canaan and Westport.  These two storefronts  proved to be challenging as they both have very different irrigation requirements which made for an adventurous #thinkoutsidethebox (no pun intended) plant hunt!

The Westport store's container is in full shade all the time (and we all know shade plants are "meh")... and well the New Canaan store is full sun in a smaller container which means it requires proper drainage plants otherwise the staff would be spending too much time watering and not enough time selling the FAB items Shelala sells inside the store (did I also mention monogramming?)!  ;-)

As I set off on my hunt, I was determined to design a unique shade arrangement that could remain full yet not grow too tall so as to not get in the way of the storefront.  I found myself creating terrarium type designs for the shade box by incorporating beach ferns and other fresh dew plants along with a pop of blush pink double impatiens while adding in a touch of curly willow.  When completed, I realized that all that was now missing was a misting machine overhead and a margarita in one hand to complete the picture! Can't wait to see this box grow into itself to add even more curb appeal to the already fabulous Westport Shelala boutique.

As my adventure continued to New Canaan, I fell in love with a few succulents that my nine year old thinks is the most funny word in the history of words.  My favorite being the cobweb kind which feels and looks like it should be treated like a household pet!  After a quick drive down the Merritt Parkway, I found myself planting succulents like it was going out of style and talking to them as I went about my business (note: I was double parked and talking to plants so I think the NC police didn't bother dealing with this crazy lady).  The beauty of these plants is that they don't require much irrigation, love the heat and sun and are low maintenance.  Well it goes without saying that it is rare to find something so beautiful yet so low maintenance and so #gldesign had to snatch it up!

I was so proud to be a part of this fun project in two so different yet so close in proximity Connecticut towns.  Even more proud to call the Shelala owners my dear friends.... Thank you Sheila and Dave (and Piper!) for the privilege and the experience!

Check out @shopshelala or 123 Main Street, New Canaan / 281 Post Road East, Westport

#gldesign06880 - May 13, 2015

My first ever blog post... And how it all started?


I guess most everyone has a blog these days... and I had been toying with the idea of writing my own for the longest time always admiring those that had the wherewithal to start theirs making it all look so easy.  But why now?  I wish I could say it was my milestone birthday or averting a health crisis... But it's more simple than that and much more inspiring. ;-) For years now, I have been helping friends in and around Fairfield County with their interior and exterior designs all while working my corporate marketing day job.  Casually stopping by to weigh in on their current designs at home and popping new ideas into their heads.  I can't help but walk into a room and start transforming the space in my head by injecting accents of color and personality into otherwise neutral (and boring) rooms.  I've never been afraid of hot pink walls nor am I afraid of mixing barn wood with white lacquer accents all in one space.  Call me crazy but I think the mongolian lambswool chrome bench looks FAB at the end of the oversized king bed and reclaimed wood headboard...!  #mixitup (mental note: i have an obsession with hashtags)

But what about the home's exterior personality?  I've always been asked who does my window boxes planters and landscape design.   Yes for most who hire expensive landscapers or who are into the craft, it all comes easy.  But what about us busy moms and dads that don't want to spend a fortune on landscape designers but don't have a green thumb?

Well here is where it all came together....

As I went to purchase my latest vintage find (blog pic)... I asked one of the uber friendly workers about the story behind the piece.  Turns out this wonderful mirror was once a chicken brooder.  What is a chicken brooder you may wonder? At a point in time the rim of this mirror housed a warming light to keep baby chicks warm while they were slowly welcomed into this crazy world.  As a mom, this not only spoke to me but it also made me realize that every unique piece has a STORY or at the very least SHOULD have a story.  It struck me that I want to not just design jaw dropping pieces for my client's homes but design their STORY.  My goal?  Have their story be told starting on the outside of their home or boutique. 

So here we are... my first ever GLDesign blog post (logo still in the works).  I'll be posting my stories, designs and inspirational finds and I hope you can follow me on my journey as I PROMISE you this blog won't be like any other!  #cantstopwontstopdontstop

May 6, 2015 #where it all begins